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Learn to explore your own personal style and rhythm in our Bellydance Classes! There are many great benefits to dancing, particularly bellydance! Please scroll down to see why so many embrace this beautiful artform.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Tribal Fusion is a modernized American stylization to traditional Bellydance. This class in an ongoing set of six week series
Zoe Jakes Workshop

Zoe Jakes Workshop

Wednesday October 26, 2016. Zoe Jakes will be teaching a choreography workshop at High Expectations Aerial Arts Studio (144 Cumberland
Costuming Workshop

Costuming Workshop

Costumes are a fundamental treasure among all bellydancers. Some choose to buy them which can be quite costly! Others choose
Reduces stress, tension and offers a great sense of well being

Dance vitalicizes your energy and your pride. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. It encourages you to challenge yourself and take things to the next limit!

Sisterhood Bonding

This is an amazing benefit to bellydancing. As you learn together you grow together creating a bond for your new tribe!

Self Empowerment

Bellydance can be a challenging dance form. As you learn to isolate your muscles you begin exploring your body in a whole new way. Every small accomplishment is a big boost in your self esteem and empowerment!

Academic Excellence

Dancers have an academic advantage as well. Not only does dance incorporate both sides of your brain, it stimulates memory recall too! While using both sides of your brain you are activating creativity as well as logic, mathematics and timing. Choreography and dance help reduce the risks of Dimensia as it keeps the brain active.

Mediacl Benefits

Dance keeps your body active! It keeps your bones strong, your heart healthy, decreasing your blood pressure and improved muscle tones.

Creativity and Artistic Exploration

Dance is a very powerful way of expressing yourself and your emotional placement. Dance can be created strategically through timed out choreography or felt internally as the dancer moves through the moment in improvisational dance.

Emotional Discovery

Dance elevates you and opens you up to so many opportunities. As you explore yourself emotionally through dance you grow as a dancer and performer.


Dancing boosts your immune system and many of your feel good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Dancing makes you feel good and elevates your mood status.